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Error message:

com.orsyp.schedconv.std.cron.| cronstdimpl Failed to check Cron Authority UniverseException: User not authorized to use for CRON

com.orsyp.schedconv.cron.| Schedconvcronimpl Error validating method com.orsyp.UniverseException: User system is not authorized to use to cron

com.orsyp.schedconv.SchedConv | Validation failed com.orsyp.UniverseException: User system not authorized for CRON

Help description: When creating an inventory, an array retrieves a list of non-Windows 7 nodes.

I hope someone here can shed some light on the problem I’m having right now. Background:

I have slightly migrated our internal Moodle 3 (v.6.(Build:2 20190114)) sites to our Load Live Balanced Server with one database server and Moodledata location with a little help from you sensitive folks I should add .First I got the corresponding error because I’m here ::

A more serious error. If $cfg->dataroot is set incorrectly, the directory does not exist or does not exist exists! Exit.

Now that I’m successfully blogging, I’ve noticed that it says “cron jobs that haven’t run in 24 hours” etc. Forums, while browsing I found posts that helped our family create the *.bat file , which can be run in the Task Scheduler in Windows.

At the time, I was able to get this unique device to work in the INTERNAL environment, but I moved it to the main REAL environment and changed the paths/locations as well. Even I get an error message during initial setup (see above).

I don’t know where this came from? Many cron.php scripts use the config.php file right? My ISP convinced me that most of the credentials used for the Task Scheduler related task are the same as the credentials of the person using IIS when this issue occurred? !

Is it really a serious problem when the user runs a certain periodic task in the scheduler, or could it be something else? I thought it best to ask before telling the user’s ISP They misconfigured the user/credentials script ::someone

Run moodle cron.php and log all output to the current log file.

forfiles -p %log_path% -m *.* -d -%max_days% -c “cmd /c @path”

forfiles del /q -p -d %log_path% -%max_days% -c “cmd IF /c @isdir == TRUE road /S /Q @path”

This is the same batch file used internally, but some paths have been changed in real time. The error message provided is added to the log file it created, telling me that this is a problem with linking the cron.php task?

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