L2 cache issues

By applying the exact cachecoast.com 10 August update, in cases where you have problems with a laptop, exclusively Lenovo ThinkPad, you are not the most responsive.

Bug in Windows 10 KB4566782 and Lenovo IS-BIOS causes Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on ThinkPad laptops. Lenovo has released a statement offering a brand new workaround that appears to fix the user version, but non-Lenovo owners are likely to experience issues even after the August fix.

In a statement, a Lenovo spokesperson noted that the issue has something to do with the “Windows Biometric Security Enhanced Security” BIOS schedule, which can be found in the Security -> Virtualization menu for BIOS setup. For

According to Lenovo, Windows provides unimplemented software to get this BIOS setting, so it’s all useless and can be safely disabled.

Lenovo Canada simultaneously released support documentation confirming that Windows 10 KB4566782 (August 2020 Update) may cause the following issues to ThinkPad owners:

  • The BSOD of your healthy device a.
  • BSOD when launching Lenovo Vantage application.
  • BSOD during a Windows Defender scan.
  • Problems with Windows Hello, Intel Management Engine and computer camera.

    After installing Windows KB4566782, ten Lenovo owners experienced a full-screen blue death error that could read: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED – ldiagio.sys.

    This error most commonly occurs when the Vantage application tries to use the Intel Management Engine to connect to the firmware, but this BIOS setting and the Windows 10 August update prevent this process.

    1. Boot into BIOS settings.
    2. Go to the “Security” section.
    3. Click “Virtualization”.
    4. Disable Windows Enhanced Biometric Security in Security > Virtualization.
    5. Run on computer.

    The above workaround should only resolve the issue with ThinkPad products.

    Non-Lenovo Owners Also Affected

    If you don’t have to use a ThinkPad laptop, you still get the blue screen of death, you’re wrong, and that’s not all. According to reports in the commentsIn each section, Reddit and the Microsoft Forums/Hub, the Screen Blue of Death error has also appeared on non-ThinkPad computers. When

    Unfortunately, there is a blue screen of death, nothing can be done about it.

    Some users have also experienced system crashes and/or poor startup performance.

    “I went from a brand new PC in mint condition to a broken one overnight by replacing an old PC,” a Reddit user noted. We

    Again, I’m not sure how widespread this threat is, but at least we’re getting confirmation from Lenovo that it’s a fake with the Windows 10 August update. There are various posts on social forums and in the media describing the issue, but users were unable to find a suitable workaround.

    For some users, disabling the virtualization feature will fix the blue screen error, others remember that uninstalling the August update is the best solution.

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