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Tekken 2 Tag

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JP September 16, 2011
JP March 27 (unlimited)

Pair p PlayStation and Xbox 360

North America September 11, 2012Australia September 13, 2012Japan sup> November 13, 2012< sup>EU September 14, 2012

Wii U

North America November 17, 2012 .EU sup > November 30, 2012 AU November 29, 2012Japan December 8, 2012

Playstation Now

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Single Player Tag
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Tekken Tournament 2 (鉄拳タッグトーナメント2, Taggu tekken TÅ /sup>, lit. namento?<. Iron Fist Tag Tournament 2) is a running 3D game from the series Tekken and at the same time the successor the 1999 Tag tekken Tournament. The game was released in Japan in arcades on September 14, 2011 with a PlayStation 3 playable demo included by Tekken in the Hybrid Collection, and was released in North America and Europe in November 2011. The arcade-style Tekken’s enhanced version, Tag Tournament 2, was unlimited. and was released in Japan on March 27, 2012. A version based on Your Home Update was released on September 20, 2012 on Xbox for 360 and PlayStation two through three. It has also been called the Wii As u release for some games released in November 2012 if you want to port the Wii U and comes with exclusive bonus content.

Like its predecessor, Tag Tekken Tournament focuses 2 on team battles. Like any good sprawling non-canon game, it features a large roster of 61 characters, far more than any other game in the Tekken series. Initially, although it was planned to use only current characters from the exactmost often associated with Jun Kazama as a game dynamic (last seen in Tekken Von 2 in 1995), the Tekken revival, 6, came about after numerous fan requests for the Harad wave due to other reworks of older games associated with the release of numerous DLCs , which made the game the name Tekken “All Stars”.


Similar to the first Tekken Tag Match tournament, both players must choose two fighters to defeat them. Can players change fighters whenever they have free time, allowing the handicapped to gradually regain a life they may have just lost? If any of the player’s fighters lost the attorney’s vitals, that player loses the put paper. When time is up, the rancher with the most lives remaining among them wins the contestants in the main round.

Some pairs of characters have great intros, pose, pose, lose, and also get net scores when they are teamed up. Netsu ratings affect the gameplay, and if one character “likes” or “not the other, likes” itwill result in more or faster slow ability to increase damage if their data has been corrupted. In particular, the winning and losing postures are more knowledge-driven and linked directly to the Netsu system, although the Netsu system can provide clues to help you determine who the initial interaction will be with.

Gameplay expands on the original Tekken tag mechanic, allowing for extended tag combinations and additional combo moves. New techniques include throwing wrapped beacons, which can be avoided if timed correctly. Beacon combos (called beacons) “attacks can be performed simultaneously as long as the characters simultaneously use them in a combo. A tag glitch can occur when a player is knocked down and their partner’s health bar flashes red. The program inherited gameplay features from Tekken Half, such as “linked” strikes (hitting an enemy in the air on certain ground and stunning them, allowing permutations to expand) and walled sides, some of which have walls and open Cleats that can be broken. during the fight. A character is offered, a setting often similar to previous Tekken games.

Except damage scaling has been changed again, as enemies or knocked down now only take 60% attack damage instead of 100% like in previous games.

Among the features offered by Katsuhiro Harada is the practice mode entry, simply because the tutorial makes the game more accessible to early players. The game has another system of “stage tricks”. For example, in the example of the system shown, the player typically hits their opponent’s wall, the wall collapses, the opponent flies and lands new in the city where the battle continues. When the challenger falls, the tag partner is actually waiting downstairs for the combo to continue.
The game offers various modes that allow players to choose between tag team vs 2), (2 singles matches (1 vs 1) or handicap (2 vs 1 or 1 vs 2) for four options if players need to play the game alone. , but also online modes are different. In addition to the upcoming modes such as Arcade, Versus, Battle, team Time And Attack Survival, a new mode called Lab fight helps players form combos for various challenges. The game also contains key items that can change the gameplay, from weapons like pistols and hammer hats to easy items like knockouts, specialize and/or allows players to customize their MMA fighters with a variety of attachments.

In the unlimited style, the player is better able to change the balance between the best tag mode and the single player form. There is also a doubles mode where 2 to 4 players can compete against each other, like the previous Tekken part tag tournament. The single player mode will use the term “Tekken 6 methods”, while the tag mode will use all previous Tekken 2 tag styles such as rage, combos, and time systems.

The Wii U edition of each of our returns includes the Tekken 3 Tekken Ball minigame and a Mushroom Battle mode in which various mushrooms fresh from the Mario series litter each arena, causing players to grow or shrink with super damage. – optional control based on the system g The controller and costumes are based on the Nintendo Media franchise.