Are you using a pirated Windows? How to get Windows

The phone number may not be a Microsoft phone number or a reputable company that wants to help you with a so-called laptop or computer problem.

This is almost certainly the number one scam where people will at best try to get rid of what you don’t need, at worst they will try to gain access to your PC and steal their own data.

You should never call a number if your computer screen is just offering help about your PC. Companies like Microsoft have no opinion on marketing or supporting their product in this way. It’s still a scam.

If you see something like this and/or you can’t connect to your computer and respond, turn it off. Then plug it back in and you can regain control from time to time.

In most cases, this is all you need to do. These pop-ups are usually built into the website you are visiting and are definitely not caused by anything on your current computer.

But for additionalFor added security, you may want to run a quick malware scan with something like Malwarebytes, also known as Hitman Pro, just in case.

This type of scam can come from people impersonating Norton, Microsoft, Apple, or any number of reputable tech companies, and they don’t just showcase their usefulness in a pop-up window. They can take the form of emails, text messages, and phone calls.

If you think you have a problem with your computer, find a specialist nearby who can help you. Do not rely on the fact that someone will come to you intentionally and out of the blue.

Q. I use Outlook for my email. Sometimes when I send an attachment, the recipient only sees a file called winmail.dat which they cannot open. How can I this?

A. Outlook, like most modern applications, has the ability to add images and format text, which often does.The message is more interesting than plain text. The problem is that not all email applications understand Outlook formatting. Now that the message is received by one of these applications, you must convert all of the inline information to create a single file called winmail.dat.

To keep this, change the rich text email format to plain text or HTML.

See the “How to fix Winmail.dat attachments” section of the Outlook internal content at for instructions.

Microsoft released the latest version of its system, the Windows 10 operating system, on July 29, 2015. The operation of the system is available as a free update for anyone who owns previous Windows 6 and Windows 8 operating systems. However, if you are using a pirated version with Windows on your desktop, it will be difficult for you to upgrade or install Windows 10.

But there’s a catch: Microsoft releases Windows 10 for free, even if you’re using a pirated version. Compromise – you have to be a good lab rat for a tech icon. EThis means that Microsoft is giving you a free Windows 10 emulation, provided you agree to become a member of the Windows Insider Program.

What is the Windows Insider Program? In June 2015, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 and also announced that no one will receive a free transfer of the Windows 10 version (this includes certain versions of Windows 10 and 8.1, as well as those known to be pirated by copying the driving system). you can agree to be your “Windows Insider” and get it again for free.

Installing Windows 10 under the Windows Insider Agreement is the perfect guinea pig to use all updates and fixes in beta mode. You must help keep your Windows 10 backup free or it will be invalidated. Essentially, these great updates and fixes help developers test updates and get feedback, bug reports, bugs, and therefore more before they are released to customers as a final version.

Yes, this is a cute app – st.OK, but you can also help Microsoft test Windows 10 and try it for free. This is still a great opportunity to get involved in the future development of any operating system and in particular to help fight piracy – a big win-win scene for Microsoft.

The only issue here is that you need to keep your individual system connected to the Internet and then provide absolutely fast and unlimited bandwidth to keep your system running. So soon you will have to do it yourself – for free with Windows 10 instead of paying for it.

For hundreds of people who have a valid Windows license, click this link to make sure you get a free upgrade and download the most advanced Windows 10 operating system for your own system. Be sure to run this compatibility test on your hardware and software before connecting Windows 10 to your existing engine. If you want to stream and installmanually, without waiting for Windows to start automatically, click here.

Microsoft will keep support models for Windows 10 open until October 13, 2020 (end of support), and will also provide Extended Servicing until October 14, 2025.

For those with older versions of Windows, please note that Windows Vista will be retired on April 11, 2017, Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and Windows 8 on January 10, 2023. Plan to use your existing Windows operating system to continue using it, you must make it clear that you will always keep these Windows Update options enabled.