Implementing a File Management Solution with IBM


Rainer Mueller-Mächler is a Senior IT Specialist at IBM Group Software in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers ten years of training in ECM software development, including consulting, design, development, installation and integration, with a focus on developing ECM systems for clients. Reiner has been with IBM for three years, and prior to that he worked for IBM FileNet Business Partners for seven years. He holds a Special Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Ulm.

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is a modern, out-of-the-box user interface for online business content management (ECM) solutions. It’s even a framework that allows families to customize and expand on standard activities. Imagine that you need to implement a real document management system – is it possible with ICN? – Yes, you can too! – If you don’t know how to do this, or just want to decide how easy and fast ICN can be deployed and configured to create a great custom solution, read on…

Imagine approaching a real cat Cient and present next to the IBM Content Navigator with great stories about the cutting-edge interface for men and women. And the client is doing their part of the job: well, that’s fine, but author end-users are used to calling certain views on our client’s report, which we call client records. The client asks if ICN can meet this need and asks you to provide a similar user interface. Then what will you answer?

Define Folders

The main idea of ​​a specific folder is to get a structured view of the documents in database according to the basic sorting guide, such as all documents of your website visitor or all documents of employees, etc. The image above shows file from John Smith’s client. Technically, the top “John Smith” folder is a folder. It consists of

  • Client properties such as name, client number, company
  • A file substructure for organizing documents in a folder.

What can you say? Well something like thatexperts say this is a challenge and is it worth asking colleagues in the service? ! – Ha, no, – I hope something like “Of course we can!”

Okay, now you’ve piqued your customer’s curiosity and these types of products will require you to have a great idea of ​​how this can be achieved. So the question is what do we need beyond the standard ICN capabilities? This dialog looks like this:

Customer Needs And/or Your Answers

What standard features and views does your current client need for a case management solution?

  • Client: First of all, we need a function to create a real file for the new client. All folders must have the same file substructure.
  • You: We create a top toolbar and add a button to create a folder, knowing that a custom “Add Content Item” dialog will open, the familiar ICN widget for adding items, back to the frame of reference. Let’s reuse my dialog to add the first degree of a folder from a folder. Action Create Folder
  • You: this The action starts an intermediate custom service that creates a new folder subfolder structure. Create a subtree service.
  • Client: Next, we need the folder shown in the screenshot above to be displayed on the TV.
  • You: Good. We use the ICN functions data format point to provide the last custom navigation function window. Probably the only use we need to add is to set the root of the directory tree to the top level directory of the folder. folder function
  • appear

  • Client: Good. In order to open a folder, we first need to find it and immediately after that, open it in the provided perspective to edit it.
  • You: The search function is ready to use. We express a folder search, which typically finds the top-level folder of a folder, by specifying a specific directory class and search criteria such as a customer number.
  • You: The missing part is an interaction that sets the folder’s top peer found as the “Problems” base folder ” for the Folder View Items panel and switches from the Browse panel to Folder View using the Open Folder button. action.

What Can You Implement For Serving Folder Solution

I for one take pride in making a customer happy, you go home and start developing an ICN plug-in that implements the following ICN extension features:

  • Action to create this folder function (add top level folder)
  • Service for creating a folder substructure of this folder
  • A function that displays a folder in a custom search box
  • Another action to open a folder and therefore display it in the current folder function window.

Finally, package and ship the plugin in a single JAR archive history. Ready! Wow – that was easy, huh? !

If you prefer a specific walkthrough, you can usually read the IBM Redbooks post on ICN. In the book, we explain the only ICN points extension and also provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement this simple business plan for your client who hopefully enough. 2014…

Strictly speaking, this plug-in is implemented for the IBM FileNet P8 and IBM Content Manager repositories.

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