How to Fix Windows Installer Errors


While holding down the key on your keyboard, press R.
Write “Services.
Scroll down and find “Windows Error Reporting Service”.
Right-click Windows Error Reporting Service and select Properties.
Change the startup type to Disabled.

Steve’s old blog It’s Tool Time via DebugDiag has some great tips on reactively collecting info dump files to analyze problems with Enterprise Vault. Some areas of the product also actively generate startup files by integrating with Windows Error Reporting (referred to as WER in this article), thereby saving the need for DebugDiag.

If you haven’t disabled WER completely, it usually shows its involvement in reporting problems through the application icon. The 1,000th event log error below is an example of WER in action, which is equivalent to the Enterprise Vault StorageCrawler.exe process crashing repeatedly.

The following errors are used to indicate that part of the search failed due to issues with the Windows Installer. Another part of Google search can successfully return updates. All child Windows Installer codes must have the same range of error codes in order for the caller to recognize that these types of people are associated with the Windows Installer.

Each Approach 1000 error event was accompanied by WER Information 1001 events thatripped out more useful information to troubleshoot the actual crash.

Remove external hardware. Disable any unnecessary hardware devices.
Refresh windows.
Uninstall third party antivirus software.
Remove unnecessary software.
Free up disk space.

Windows does its best to spread this type of information in the administration area so that it is noticed and taken into account by duplicating the product in the problem reports that can be found in the notification center from the server. Reports of recurring issues with a seemingly recurring cause are grouped together because when each individual report is opened, my information is displayed the same as it is in these event logs, with some formatting to better understand and evaluate the issue reports going forward.

Vox Music Player is not available for Windows, but there are many alternatives that work on Windows with comparable functionality. The best Windows alternative is VLC Media Player, the second most popular free and open source.

Some key dates to look for in any issue report

  • Name of the application representing the failed process
  • Exception What code represents the hex error procedure thrown in the problem log
  • Exception offset indicating the point in the scope code at which the exception occurred
  • If you find that the same values ​​in all three corresponding pointers are repeated in severalFiles, this is a good reminder that there is a recurring/recurring issue on the server that needs further investigation by the support team and most likely tech support.

    In the default mode, Windows Error Reporting creates additional music to help with an investigation, although it does appear in the “Files that help describe the actual problem” section of the report above. However, if you click on the web address to “view the temporary copy associated with these files”, it becomes clear that it is normal for WER to generate mini-dumps in a temporary location

    Don’t report a problem right away, although mini-dumps can be very helpful in determining the root cause of a problem, a full dump is much preferred by engineers who are hungry for debug results. So if you keep getting an application error message or an issue report with the Enterprise Vault process, now is a good time to temporarily enable advanced WER options as described below Microsoft – windows /desktop/bb787181(v=vs.85).aspx

    In the example thatwhich I enjoyed using in this article, the handy “DumpFolder” “DumpType” setting resulted in the creation of full dumps for each occurrence of a problem in the last “known” directory – c:\CrashDumps – which could then be compressed and offered to engineers for analysis , we could quickly identify the root cause of the crash and fix it in an unpredictable future release. Also note that the required full dumps took some time to build quickly. Disabling advanced WER options can be a great idea if disk space usage by subsequent dumps is likely to be an issue.

    So keep an eye on your application’s event logs and issue reports, and if a person sees this and reports a recurring issue while running the Enterprise Vault process, direct them to the information above. necessary debug information to fix the problem.

    To find out if you are using a provider with administrative privileges, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for your operating systemus that you are still using.

    1. Open the control panel.
      Click System and Security.
      Click Windows Firewall.
      Click the linky Restore Defaults in the left pane.
      Click the Restore Recordings button.
      Click Yes to confirm.

      Open the Date and Time dialog box.

      1. Click Start.

      2. In the Start Search or Search Programs and Files menu, type the following specific command, and then press ENTER:

        The Date and Time dialog box will appear.

    2. Click Change date and time. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, click Next.

    3. Do one of the following depending on what happens when we click Next:

    4. If your laptop does not ask for a new password, you are already logged in with an administrator account. Double-click the Cancel button to close the Date and Time dialog box. They seem to be ready to solve the problemwe’re with the Windows Installer.

    5. If your primary computer asks for a username and password, you are not logged in if you have an administrator account.