Tomb Raider Chronicles

Q. I can’t play movies/videos properly in Code Chronicles of a Lord: dark Episode and the whole game crashes as a result. How to solve this problem?

A. You should probably run the tscc.exe image in the root directory of the game (we recommend looking for the track in the start menu search bar). This installation installs the necessary codecs on your system to properly display images.

F. While I’m running, my character suddenly starts to automatically move all the way from left to right and doesn’t grab no matter what I do. How can I solve this problem?

A. In general, this is probably due to a conflict with the device that is actually connected to your computer. We absolutely want to quit, say, the adventure, everything is connected via USB (except the mouse, and the keyboard of other built-in peripherals) and try to restart the game.

F.I got a cache error and your game has crashed.How can I do this?

A. If your computer has been multitasking for a long time, or if you’ve played one of our games for a long time, your image will probably not rank (this can alsot affect background tasks). . The solution to this problem is simple – re-enable the game or restart the program, if you want.

F. Received I got “RGSS message player stopped” in addition to this error that your game has crashed. What can I do to avoid this?

6) What you actually see is a “Settings” button at the bottom under “Performance”. (If family members can’t see this, they can open a new More tab.) Click the Settings button.

8) Below you will see an “Add…” button. Click this button.

9) Now you need to find the Game.exe file, which is now in the main folder, exactly in the same folder where you installed Episode II.

10) Once you find the correct file, click on it and a list of programs that actually support DEP will appear. Click “Apply”, then “OK” completely and exit the program. You may need to restart your company computer for this to take effect. You

If the problem is not resolved after following these steps, let us know.

F. The game I was playing is new and I can no longer getCan you access the main menu or use your Shenandor crystal, what should I do?

A. Send us your save file (you can manually use the search menu and * type .rvdata2 and anyone can find your save file), then save the file and send it to the game kisarethstudios . We have earned the right to fix this so that you do not seriously affect the progress.

V. Will I still try to get a Steam key if I previously brought a game from your homepage, Green gamersgate, Gaming, Man Desura, new bundle, etc.?

A. Yes. The keys have been sent by steam (Desura, GMG, etc.) to all retailers currently selling Episode 2, if you bring the game in a bundle in the future, the Steam keys will eventually be sent to that retailer in a bundle forever.

*Note changed to – GMG has confirmed that it will not provide Steam keys to customers who have purchased our games on their website in the past.

F. You can take back-up copies of additional issues with you

A1?. No, episode A 2 was made in RMVX, Ace engine (episode 1 seems to have been in VX), so reserveThe copies are not fully compatible due to different programming.

Fixed border blurring in full screen mode in 8+ windows (not recommended for version).
Frame requirements are limited to 30 frames per second.
These are the missing dynamic shadows from the Dreamcast version. Community Discussions for the GOG Game Series
Stella Discussions in the Steam Community
Website instructions: walkthroughs, workarounds and downloads
Tomb Raider Forum


DRM from the SafeDisc vendor does not work on Windows Vista or later (see top right for vulnerable versions).

Major Improvements

Project Tomb5

A decompiler company aiming to document and therefore preserve the game’s original source and code value, and provide bug fixes and game improvements in many areas of the game. Uses a DLL file to decompile code into an executable.

  • Tomb raider forum thread

Peixoto Patch

Fix delays on preGo to Inventory
Forced resolution allows you to use a high resolution without interfering with the HUD\menu
Aspect Ratio and Viewing Community Correction in LCD Screen Resolutions
Hides a frame window attached to Windows 10
This fixes missing loading screens
Better compatibility with Xinput controllers


TRNG is just a fan-made update to some of the level editors included in the game, with a lot more features than the main level editor.

Raider Mouse Wizard

A software tomb that allows Lara to control it with the mouse button. It also displays WASD input suggestions to provide a more modern keyboard and mouse control scheme.

Open Grave

OpenTomb is an open source tool reimagined from the power of Raider Tomb. Almost every aspect of the game engine has been overhauled, and support for cross-platform running of modern models and support for Lua scripts have been merged.

  • Official site of the project on GitHub
  • Official repository
  • Tomb Raider forum thread
  • Mod Database Page
  • Skip Intro Videos


    and FMV1.bik from [link required \movie]< /up>


    You will probably still see the copyright screen


    Open Launcher

    After the first launch of the game, everything will disappear, launchers and you will no longer be able to set the settings.

    How to open this launcher after times[first link required]

    To open Win Launcher again, use -setup as the only argument.

    Game Id=”Configuration_file(s)_location”>

    Configuration Location

    Location Of The Competition Data File(s).

    Keep Game Clouds That Stay In Sync





    Reality Support

    Unresolved Virtual Issues

    There is an error below level 13nya, Red Alert!, which doesn’t let you go to the next level. The workaround is listed here.

    The Game Crashes Right After The Eidos Logo

    Due to audio driver incompatibility, the only solution might be to launch the game and turn off the sound quality in the game. The launcher is set without game sound, but this was not always a suitable solution.

    Problems Solved

    Window In Fullscreen Mode.visible

    Tomb Raider chronicles does not work correctly in full screen mode on Windows 8 and later.
    The version already contains fixes of this type. You can
    solve this problem by downloading dgvoodoo in TR5 folder along with other D8 dlls like D9 etc.

    Additional Information




    Required Configuration



    Alt=”Launch bar

    Audio function Notes Individual scope=”col”>State Surround Subtitles Subtitles Always disable focus on lost

    Language Interface Audio Subsection Notes Dutch English