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I configured the debugging options of the Siebel tool as specified on the Oracle website.

Clicking i Simulate Workflow the Siebel client model, opens a connection to the application DBF file, and automatically closes siebel.exe after opening Internet Explorer. It also closes the database and the web login page says “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page”.

I can open Siebel there separately for interested parties, no problems with ActiveX.

I can simulate In Workflow Boss on my Windows XP machine.

I installed Windows 7. The version with tools and client is 8.1

Please be specific about what is wrong so that I can get started on my task quickly. Thanks in advance..

While companies working with Siebel have always been encouraged to use scriptless solutions to implement custom functionality, almost every Siebel Healthcare Introduction (CTMS) project I’ve worked on has included an integration factor, and again in almost all cases. requires coding with Siebel eScript.

But how do you debug custom code? For pFor developers currently working with Siebel, this is not immediately obvious. In my own blog post, I briefly show someone the debugging method. Keep in mind that while I’m using Siebel, the steps are the same for every new version, many up to 16.x.

First, run a Siebel tool query for the code you want to debug.

Select the desired method(s) and the line of code you want to open for debugging. Tap the toggle breakpoint icon. You can set as many breakpoints as you like.

From the View menu, select Options and make sure you have entered all the options correctly on the Debug tab.

Now comes a component that isn’t very intuitive. In the user interface, go to the “Administration – Business Service” tab and click “Simulator”.

Click New, select a method and service name, then click Run.

At this point, control returns to the Siebel tools, so all variables are valid and can be viewed in the main monitor window.

So, for example, weMost of all, we can see what happened to the values ​​of local variables by pressing my + sign.

This last step takes you to the debug toolbar, which allows you to add/remove breakpoints, trigger execution at a breakpoint, or simply break the following code.

Note. In many versions of Siebel, I found an absolute bug where the line of code that the audience is in is not highlighted.

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