Abort 19913 Unable To Start Tcp/ip

Published March 13, 2007 9:16 AM

Hi everyone,

Windows 2003 server with DHCP, domain controller, Wins, Ghost 8.2, RIS, DNS. Any idea seems https://siliconvalleygazette.com/en/abort-19913-unable-to-start-tcp-ip/ work fine, with a full client running Windows XP, I got an IP address from DHCP, I can join a domain, etc…

I’m following Microsoft and Symantec’s detailed step-by-step instructions to correctly add the crack and ghost cast.

If I boot from the network just before DHCP grants an IP address, the “network” chipset is defined as RTL8139(x)/8130/810X;

RIS works like magic, I can boot from the network and start installing Windows Experience.

I have all the applications I need installed on my Nec computer. ml4 would like to create a blurry image for a series of posts. I’m building an image with Magician Boot with a valid option called rtl8139, (Microsoft ris, RTL 8139 cards selected, with laptop or desktop in the back, dhcp internet gives, etc.)

I started the Ghostcast server and decided to createb image. I boot from the client, I give the dhcp IP address for this item, ris asks me for the user who is actually right (I used a domain admin) and then the ris menu appears. Then I select rtl8139 and the boot and ghost client starts. Whatever I choose at this point (unicast/multicast) I still get the same error

Abort 19913, TCP/IP may start
Unable to find DHCP server
Possible network configuration problem.

I’m trying different solutions:
Adding a few other realtek/nec/gigabyte called drivers to the wizard startup
Trying different drivers on the wizard’s shoe (e.g. PXE batch drivers)

Client and server use the same hub (nothing on the local network can interfere with them). I’m just testing so I’m not on our LAN.

If I set out to use ghostvision on another computer (I do this with the Powermat DT, which is now equipped with a 3com network controller), everything works fine.

some additional tips:
-computer may be present in active directory after navigating throughfrom the ris menu
-computer or laptop is in (only strange problem with dhcp, I have internet protocol but no hostname)

I’ve searched a lot with my friend Google and according to this forum but I haven’t found any issues, I’m guessing there is currently some kind of conflict regarding the IP address provided by DHCP when booting and the internet protocol that is being attempted get the Ghostcast client…

If anyone has an idea, I’ll consider it (or something that could potentially drive me out ;))
(I hope my English isn’t that terrible)